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The Office (US) x 44 [Sunday, September 28th]

[ mood | chipper ]

[01-44] Office (random + season 5 premier spoilers!)


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38 Multifandom icons [Monday, June 4th]

[ mood | lazy ]

[01-06] The Office
[07-17] The Office: Dwight quotes
[18-25] Lost
[26-38] Gorillaz

I realize that's an odd selection even for multifandom, but I have a lot of icons to post. ;] Expect more Office quote icons soon...next up is Creed and Ryan.


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Rules + Resources

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21 "The Office" Quote Icons [Saturday, June 2nd]

First post! :] There will be more of these to come; I plan on doing them for as many characers as I can.

The Office
[01-07] Michael
[08-15] Jim
[16-21] Pam


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Rules + Resources
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Resources [Thursday, May 31st]

If you're curious, here is a list of the textures and brushes I use in my icons.

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Rules [Thursday, May 31st]

Hey guys, a few things to say about my icons. They're free for you to use, I ask only a few things:

One: Please don't use my icons on websites outside of LJ--journal site or otherwise. It's really just easier to give due credit that way. I don't mind if you use them as icons in instant messengers, but I would prefer for them not to be used on other websites. Of course, all icons are for personal use only. That's a given, especially since my icons are mostly of copyrighted material.

Two: Commenting and crediting is great but not necessary. If you want to credit, you can put this in the icon comment:

by <lj user="iconjuror">

Three: Please do not modify icons if you use them. I'm not a follower of the belief that textless icons are bases--sometimes icons don't need words. :]

That's all, thank you very much!
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